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How do I book my reservations?

You can book your reservations with us in 3 easy steps.

1. Buy your Pass

First things first – choose which Pass you're going to travel Europe with.


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 2. Plan your route

Choose where you want to go and check whether you need to reserve a seat.


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3. Buy your reservations

Book your seat reservations quickly and easily with our online tool.


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Other ways to book your seat reservations

Alternative ways to book seat reservations

Some European trains can't be booked through our Reservation Service. Find alternative ways to book your seat reservations below.


For some countries, you can also reserve your seats through the websites of the national railway companies. Below are the instructions for countries where you can make online reservations. 

Austria (ÖBB)

Book reservations for Austrian domestic trains and international (night) trains that arrive/depart in Austria at the ÖBB website:


  • Go to the website of ÖBB and go to 'book a ticket' (or click the hyperlink above)
  • Choose your route and click 'single tickets/day tickets' in the results
  • Before you pick your train, go to the top right corner and click on 'who is going?'. Here you click on 'add discount' and scroll down or search for 'Interrail/Eurail - Globalpass', then select it and click confirm.
  • Now you can select the train you want to take and you'll immediately see the Pass Holder reservation fee you have to pay.
  • Go through the booking process and finalize your reservation. Please note that reservations for some routes can only be printed at an ÖBB self service machine or helpdesk in Austria.
Czech Republic (ČD)

Book reservations for certain domestic and international Czech trains on the website of the Czech railways (ČD). All prices are shown in CZK.


  • Fill out your stations and travel time and click 'Search'
  • In the next screen, make sure to click on 'I want a reservation only'
  • Select your seat if possible, and go to payment
  • Complete your train reservation
Germany (DB)

Book reservations for German domestic trains at the Deutsche Bahn website.


  1. Enter route details and click search.

  2. Click on ‘Reservation’ for the train of your choice.

  3. Continue through the booking process and pay by debit or credit card.

  4. You can choose online tickets, which you can print. (It is possible to have tickets posted but there is an additional charge.)


Book reservations for German night trains at the Deutsche Bahn website. (Only for City Night Line and some EuroNight trains departing from or arriving in Germany)

  1. Enter train details.

  2. Click on ‘Purchase’ or ‘Check availability’ (ignore the prices) for the train of your choice.

  3. At the bottom of the page click on ‘Book supplement only’.

  4. On the next page select ‘Pass offer (Interrail)’.

  5. You can then choose the type of seat or sleeping accommodation you would like. Prices are shown for the different options.

  6. You can choose online tickets, which you can print. (It is possible to have tickets posted but there is an additional charge).

Italy (Italiarail)

Book reservations for trains in Italy on or in our Rail Planner App.

  1. Fill in your station of departure and arrival. Don't forget to select 1st or 2nd class under 'Eurail / InterRail Pass' in the bottom left of the block, otherwise you'll only get search results for the full ticket price.
  2. Click on 'Find tickets' and select the train you want to take.
  3. Select the type of ticket you want and click on 'add to itinerary'.
  4. Fill in the information that is requested, select a seat and pay.
  5. You'll receive the confirmation and e-ticket in your inbox.
Poland (PKP Intercity trains)

Book your reservations for PKP Intercity trains in Poland on the PKP Intercity website. Please note that you can only book one reservation at a time (the booking codes below do not work for journeys with multiple connections).

  1. Search and choose your connection
  2. Select 'Discount/reservation type' from the drop-down menu. For Express Intercity Premium (EIP) trains, the discount type is called 'Interrail/Eurail/NRT/EWT/FIP/OSJD - seat reservation (supplement incl.)', for the other trains it's called 'Seasonal/network/international ticket - reservation'. This is also explained on the PKP reservation homepage.
  3. Type in your Interrail/Eurail Pass cover number.
  4. If you're travelling on an EIP train, you can choose a specific seat from the diagram. Reservation for EIP is mandatory at any time 
  5. Finalise the booking.
Sweden (SJ)

Book reservations for Swedish trains at the SJ website.

  1. Enter train details. Fill in your Pass cover number under 'Add SJ Prio/Commuter ticket/Rail pass'

  2. Then in the ‘Traveller Information’ section go to the ‘Customer Card’ drop down box.

  3. Choose 'Interrail Pass' or 'Eurail Pass'.

Switzerland (SBB)

Book reservations for Swiss trains at the SBB website.

  1. Click on the ‘reserve’ button.

  2. Fill in the ‘seat reservation’ information with arrival and departure city, then click ‘next’.

  3. Select a connection if necessary and proceed to a seat reservation.

  4. Specify if it is a one way or return ticket, and fill in passenger/s details.

  5. Fill in any reservation requests where needed.

  6. Fill in address.

  7. Proceed to check out.

By phone

You can make your reservations for most European trains through railway call centres. Reservations can be made even before you have an Interrail Pass. Make sure you mention that you have an Interrail Pass and that you only want to make a reservation.

We recommend using one of the following call centres which have English speaking staff. Please note that lines can be busy during evenings and at weekends and you may have to wait.

Phone number: +41 900 300 300 (open 24/7). Please note that not all European providers support this phone number.


You will get a direct connection when calling this booking centre. The Swiss SBB booking centre can deliver your reservations to all European countries. Delivery costs are CHF8 (approx. €6.50). This call centre may charge a booking fee. You can also pick up your reservations at main Swiss train stations. Just go to the ticket office with your order number.


This call centre can make reservations for the majority of European high-speed and night trains.


Austria: ÖBB booking center

Phone number: +43 5 1717 (open 24/7)


When calling, you'll hear a menu in German. Select extension "1" for train information and bookings. The booking centre can deliver your reservations to any country you prefer, without charging you booking costs. The delivery cost is €5.


You can also pick up your reservations at large Austrian train stations. Just take your order number to a ticket office in the station.


This call centre can make reservations for the majority of European high-speed and night trains.

Finland: VR call center

Phone number: +35 89 2319 2902 (open daily 7.00 - 22.00 local time)


VR is the national railway company of Finland and has English speaking staff. You can pay for your reservations over the phone (by credit card) and collect them at ticket machines at Finnish railway stations. You will receive a booking code by email. Reservations cannot be delivered to your address.


The VR call center can also be reached with Skype.


This call centre can make reservations for Finnish high-speed and night trains.

Germany: DB booking center

Phone number: +49 1806 996 633 (open 24/7)


When you call, you'll hear a German menu. Select extension "9" for an English menu, then "1" for train information and bookings. This call centre does not charge a booking fee. Delivery costs are €3.50 to every country.


You can also pick up your reservations at larger German train stations. Just take the order number you received on the phone, to a ticket window or a 'self-service' machine in the station.


This call centre can make reservations for the majority of European high-speed and night trains.


Please note: the DB Booking Centre can't book any Thalys and TGV trains.

Luxembourg: CFL booking center

Phone number: +352 2489 2489 (open Monday-Friday from 7.00 to 19.00. Except on national holidays)


When calling you'll hear a menu in German, French and English. Select extension "2" for bookings and train information. Your reservations can be delivered to any European country. If you pick up your reservations at Luxembourg's main train station, the booking cost is €5. If your reservations are delivered to your home address (or any other address of your preference), you'll have to pay a delivery cost of €7. In the last case you don't have to pay the booking fee.


This call centre can make reservations for the majority of European high-speed and night trains.

The Netherlands: NS call center

Phone number: +31 030 2300023 (open 24/7)


When calling, you’ll hear a menu in Dutch. Select extension ‘1’ for services in English and then ‘1’ to book the Thalys or ‘2’ to book other trains. NS International can book trains in various European countries (€12.50 booking fee; 2 reservations per call allowed). You have to pay for reservations made over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard credit card. Through the call centre, reservations can only be delivered to addresses in the Netherlands. There are no delivery costs. You can also pick up your reservations at a NS International ticket desk or at a self-service machine. Just go to a Dutch train station with a NS International desk with your booking code.

Norway: Entur Call Center

Phone number: +47 61 27 90 88 (press 9 for services in english).

Opening hours: 

  • Monday to Friday: 07:00–23:00
  • Saturday: 08:00–21:00
  • Sunday: 08:00–23:00. 

Opening hours during bank holidays are shorter.


Entur Call Center handles bookings on behalf of all Norwegian train operators (except Flytoget AS). You may book tickets or seat reservations for the following train operators: Vy (Vygruppen AS), GAN (Go Ahead Nordic AS) and SJ (SJ Norge AS, planned from early march 2020).

Seat reservations are usually available up to 90 days in advance and are not compulsory in Norway. However, seat reservations are highly recommended where available. Popular trains to and from popular destinations tend to be full during holiday seasons (i.e. the Oslo-Bergen Line during summer)



We only accept payment by card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Payment is required when you book.


Ticket collection

The easiest way to get your travel documents and receipts is to choose a home print solution. You will receive an e-mail with details and an attached PDF including your travel documents. You can either show the digital documents on your smartphone or tablet, or print your tickets at home and bring them onboard to show the train manager (note: If you choose the home print option, your tickets will not be available for print at TVM’s).


As an alternative to home print tickets you can request to get your tickets printed at self service ticket vending machines (TVM’s). You will receive an e-mail with details of your travel, the receipt of your purchase and a booking reference/Order ID that can be used at the TVM’s for pick up.


TVM’s are available at many of the train stations in Norway. For more information and station details, please see BaneNor for a list of stations in Norway. Manned train stations in Norway are Oslo S, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.

Switzerland: SBB booking center

Phone number: +41 0848 44 66 88 (open 24/7).


You will get a direct connection when calling this booking centre. The Swiss SBB booking centre can deliver your reservations to all European countries. Delivery costs are CHF8 (approx. €6.50). This call centre may charge a booking fee. You can also pick up your reservations at main Swiss train stations. Just go to the ticket office with your order number.


This call centre can make reservations for the majority of European high-speed and night trains.

Through the Rail Planner App

Some trains can easily be booked through the Rail Planner app. This is a great option if you're already travelling - just download the app and reserve your seats anytime before the train's departure. You'll get an e-ticket on your phone that doesn't require printing.

You can book the following trains through the Rail Planner app:

At the train station

You can also make seat reservations for European trains at the ticket office of most European stations. Different rules to making reservations apply depending on which country you’re in. Please keep in mind that for some trains you have no other option than to make your reservation at the train station. This is often the case with French, Spanish and Portuguese trains.


In the United Kingdom it is not possible to make reservations for trains outside of the country and in Spain and Belgium you can only make reservations for trains departing and arriving in those countries. In some countries a limited number of reservations can be made at a time, including in the Netherlands where a maximum of two is permitted.


A booking fee may be charged when making a reservation in certain countries, for example in the Netherlands a €10 fee applies, however in most countries the fee is less, or there is no charge.

Spain (Renfe)

From February 2020, reservations for domestic and long-distance trains in Spain can only be made locally at the ticket desk of a Spanish Long Distance railway station. Find a list of long distance train stations hereYou can make reservations on the day of travel or for up to 3 months in advance. 


It is also possible to pre-reserve a seat by phone, by calling +34 91 232 03 20 (Renfe phone sales).

  • This is possible up to 24 hours before a train's departure. 
  • You will receive a PNR code which you must use to pick up and pay for your reservation at a local station ticket office, making sure to show your Interrail Pass. 
  • You must collect your reservation within 72 hours. After this time the pre-reservation will expire. 

Please note that a pre-reservation is not the same as a reservation. It only holds a seat for you for 72 hours.

tip-image Reservations for Thalys trains can no longer be made through the DB call centre or at the ticket desks in German train stations. Find out how to make your Thalys reservations.

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