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What is DiscoverEU?

Connecting young people with Europe in 2018

DiscoverEU is an EU initiative offering young people the opportunity to travel Europe. The aim is to help Europe’s youth connect with the European identity and raise awareness of the core values of the European Union through travel.

Free travel for 18-year-olds



Last summer, 15000 enthusiastic young people were selected by the European Commission to explore Europe for free. During the second application round, at least another 12000 people are given the opportunity to travel across Europe this year.

Embark on an adventure like no other



Over the last 40 years, Interrailers have enjoyed a unique travel experience associated with adventure, freedom and flexibility.


Interrail creates a gateway to the geographical, historical, and cultural richness of Europe. Rail travel allows both new travellers and seasoned adventurers to immerse themselves in the different cultural fabrics that make Europe such an exciting place to explore.

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Connecting young people with Europe



DiscoverEU allows young people to:


  • Take advantage of freedom of movement in the EU

  • Discover the diversity and cultural richness of European regions

  • Connect with people from all over the continent