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Get ready for the Mediterranean

Start planning your sunny adventures in Southern Europe


The Mediterranean is always a good idea, with its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, picturesque towns and amazing sea panoramas. Prepare for your future trip with this extensive itinerary or create your own - it will be a great time either way!

Itinerary in short


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For this itinerary we recommend:

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  • Travel days: 10 days within 2 months

1. Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain and home to some of the Mediterranean’s most pristine beaches. There's a 2-mile palm tree-lined promenade along the beachfront, which is perfect for long walks. The vibrant urban centre is known for its classic and modern architecture.

How to get there

There are regular trains to Valencia from the capital Madrid. The journey takes approximately 1.5 hours.



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2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is famous for its art and architecture, and it’s an unmissable hub on any Mediterranean itinerary. Tour Gaudí’s famous buildings, walk the winding roads of the Gothic Quarter, party the night away at hundreds of bars and clubs, or soak up some sun on Barceloneta Beach.

How to get there

There are trains along the coast from Valencia to Barcelona at least every two hours. The journey takes about 3 hours.



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3. Montpellier, France

Montpellier in Southern France is just 6 miles from the Mediterranean. The city is known for its remarkable architecture, including the Gothic Cathédrale Saint-Pierre dating back to the 1300s. It’s a beautiful, stately and laid-back French coastal city.

How to get there

There are direct, daily trains to Montpellier with both TGV and SNCF. The journey takes approximately 3 hours.


4. Marseille, France

Even though it's considered the black sheep of France’s Mediterranean, especially when compared to Cannes or Nice, Marseille's gritty charm is worth exploring. Its 1500 year old history as a fishing and trade hub is a fascinating foundation for Marseille’s resurgence.

How to get there

There are hourly trains to Marseille with several rail companies. The journey takes 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the route.


5. Cannes, France

This glitzy town on the French Riviera is famous for its annual film festival. The lavish yachts, sandy beaches and glistening blue waters make it an intriguing destination to visit at other times of the year as well.

How to get there

The train to Cannes takes approximately 2 hours from Marseilles. There are regular connections with both TGV and SNCF.


6. Nice, France

Nice, on France’s southeast coast, offers visitors popular restaurants, beautiful buildings, a vibrant nightlife and, of course, an impressively wide beach on the Med.

How to get there

Nice is a short 30 minute train ride away from Cannes, and there are trains every few minutes.



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7. Monte Carlo, Monaco

This small city-state on France’s Mediterranean coast is famous for its flagrant display of wealth. Yachts, casinos, stunning architecture and its famed Grand Prix race make this a popular destination to visit throughout the year.

How to get there

The journey to Monte Carlo in Monaco takes 20 minutes from Nice and there’s a train every half hour.


8. Savona, Italy

On first appearances Savona is a traditional Italian port city, but you'll find many layers when you wander through its medieval centre. Bars, restaurants and stores help make this a vibrant stop on your Mediterranean itinerary.

How to get there

Both Thello and Trenitalia operate regular direct trains between Monaco and Savona. The trip takes between 2 and 3 hours.


9. Genoa, Italy

Genoa played an important role in maritime trade, and this shows through in various ways. The medieval old town, with winding alleyways and several notable museums, is a pretty intriguing place to explore.

How to get there

There are hourly trains between Savona and Genoa that take approximately 1 hour.



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10. Pisa, Italy

The city’s famous leaning tower is a tourist favourite, but there’s a lot more to Pisa than its faulty architecture. Pisa’s iconic university, founded in the 12th century, gives a youthful vibe to this popular Italian destination.

How to get there

Pisa is 1 hour 40 minutes away from Genoa by rail, and there are trains approximately every three hours.



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11. Livorno, Italy

This port city on Tuscany’s west coast is known for its seafood and fortifications dating back to the Renaissance era. Livorno’s waterside promenade also provides beautiful views of the Mediterranean ocean.

How to get there

Livorno is just 15 minutes away by train. There are frequent Trenitalia and InterCity trains.



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12. Rome, Italy

The Italian capital is a sprawling mass of captivating history. Historical and architectural marvels hide around every corner, and it’s an easy hub from which to start or end any Mediterranean rail trip.

How to get there

There are trains approximately every four hours to Rome. The journey takes approximately 2 hours 40 minutes depending on route taken.



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